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Water Ski and Wakeboard Canada's Rip’n Ride program is a fun, safe, and standardized National towed water sports skill development program.

Rip ‘n Ride is structured to simplify and regulate the teaching of skills. Through the Rip‘n Ride program coaches have access to facilitator’s manuals, report cards and participant certificates. These tools can help coaches increase participation numbers and set the path for continued enjoyment and progressive skill development in towed water sports.

As a coach the program enables you to create a consistent framework for teaching and monitoring participants’ achievements. The consistency of the program allows participants to benefit from the curriculum regardless of their geographic location. Furthermore, clubs, camps and/or clinics are able to provide a professional, organized approach to learning.

For more information on the Rip'N'Ride Program please contact us or visit WSWC's Rip'N'Ride website

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