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Officials Clinics

Become a certified official and learn and support the sport you love!


The WSWBC Officials Program provides resources, training and certification for officials at all levels from club tournaments to National competition. Participation as an official ensures our athletes have an opportunity to compete fairly and equitably with other athletes at towed water sports tournaments.

Water Ski & Wakeboard BC has the responsibility to recruit and train officials at the entry level, and will hold, from time to time, as demand warrants, training clinics for new and developing officials. These clinics will provide opportunities for Judges, Boat Drivers, Calculators, and Technical Controllers.


Any barefoot official wishing to get certified or upgrade their certification should do so prior to the start of the summer season! For more information contact us!


The program for classic, three event competition, has several roles for officials, including judges, boat drivers, calculators (scorers) , technical controllers (homologators), and Chief of Competition.

Judges ensure the competition on the field of play, is run according to the rules of the event and sanctioning body (WSWC or IWSF), and is scored fairly.

Boat Drivers are required to operate the towboats, with a high degree of skill and consistency.

Calculators track and document the scores achieved by the athletes.
Technical Controllers ensure the technical specifications of the site and of all associated equipment meet the Rules.

Finally, the Chief of Competition has the responsibility to oversee and run the entire event.

Download Officials Rating Program here

This is a general reminder to all water ski officials that you are required to complete a Record of Officials Experience (ROE) at the end of each water ski season, and submit to WSWC national office. Your ROE is used for officials evaluations. You can print a copy from this ROE PDF file.


Any wakeboard official wishing to get certified or upgrade their certification should do so prior to the start of the summer season.

Click here for more info.

See below for all upcoming officiating clinics. If you don't see anything that works, drop us a line at

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Upcoming Officiating Clinics

No upcoming events at the moment
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